Suppliers of premium hardwood and softwood logs in the North West


misc pics 2014 445We are a small family business that deal in top quality seasoned hardwood and softwood logs for wood burners, open fires and chiminea. We have a wood burner ourselves and regularly quality control our products.
Our hardwood logs contain a mixture of Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Apple, Pear and Cherry etc .
We source and acquire top quality hardwoods from local woodlands and tree surgeons. We then process all our wood by hand. This enables us to not only identify all the different varieties we have in stock, but also to separate them as some types of wood take a lot longer than others to season.
Remember! Wood is like a sponge! It will absorb the moisture from the surrounding air even if it is stored well undercover outside! If we have a period of wet weather make sure you bring your wood in a day before you burn it. Any moisture taken up by the wood will only be on the surface and after 24hrs of being indoors, surface moisture will evaporate!

wood and stuff _LargeFrom experimenting we have noted that thick round logs will last longer in the fire than an equivalent split log due to the surface area. We will try to mix up as many varieties of woods as we can within your bag to enable you to get the best from your fire.
Oak gives out tremendous heat but needs the temperature to be high to keep it going. Ash, Alder and Sycamore are fantastic burners but do not burn as long as Oak or Blackthorn. Mix them up and you have an ideal fire. If the Oak is struggling mix in some fast burners to help, if the fast burners have really got the fire up, put some Oak in to stabilise and so on.

Stock up during the Summer!

It takes a lot of money, labour and time to produce a quality hardwood log delivered to your door for burning.

We are here to produce top quality hardwood guaranteed that can be burnt almost immediately (24hrs inside after delivery for wood to acclimatise).

For those who have access issues, a disability or people who might not want the hassle of constructing a log store. Have a look at our wheelie bin options!
These bins go straight through the house if you have no rear access. Delivery and storage is now all in one!!! Give us a ring to discuss your requirements!!